Bookmark Bar Sync Problem

Manually moving icons on the Bookmark Bar, or even rearranging bookmark folders and icons with the bookmark manager is a nightmare! The Sync function takes it upon itself to rearrange or even erase the content in the Bookmark Bar and folders based on some weird synchronisation priorities (e.g. when adding a new browser to the Sync chain). In other words, after insisting about 30 times that I want a folder or icon ‘there’ in the Bookmark Bar, Sync still shows me who’s the boss (not me!) by putting back those icons and folders elsewhere (almost randomly).

This highly annoying Sync function is obviously not working the way it should.
Good luck.

Yup agree, I have my bookmarks arranged into topic folders, synch decided to recreate an entire bookmark folder inside the real folder but created each link as an empty folder.
And then just to rub salt in the wound, the bookmark I had added on my desktop that morning had been erased.
I want Brave to work but if I have to tiptoe around the system, never sure what chaos your synch system is causing, I may have to turn it off and return to the devil that is Chrome

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