Bookmark Bar Sync Problem

Manually moving icons on the Bookmark Bar, or even rearranging bookmark folders and icons with the bookmark manager is a nightmare! The Sync function takes it upon itself to rearrange or even erase the content in the Bookmark Bar and folders based on some weird synchronisation priorities (e.g. when adding a new browser to the Sync chain). In other words, after insisting about 30 times that I want a folder or icon ‘there’ in the Bookmark Bar, Sync still shows me who’s the boss (not me!) by putting back those icons and folders elsewhere (almost randomly).

This highly annoying Sync function is obviously not working the way it should.
Good luck.

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Yup agree, I have my bookmarks arranged into topic folders, synch decided to recreate an entire bookmark folder inside the real folder but created each link as an empty folder.
And then just to rub salt in the wound, the bookmark I had added on my desktop that morning had been erased.
I want Brave to work but if I have to tiptoe around the system, never sure what chaos your synch system is causing, I may have to turn it off and return to the devil that is Chrome

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Brave is screwing up my bookmark bar again on all my computers. No choice but to stop synchronising bookmarks across devises - no fix seems to work. I tried reloading it from my correctly-saved bookmark file, but it gets immediately replaced/duplicated by some old version. Sync just DOESN’T WORK.

In addition, Brave now continuously crashes on Android. My faith in Brave is now seriously tested - thinking of returning to Chrome.

Here it is mid-September and sync is a real mess. I try to sync 2 Win 10 PCs and 1 Android Phone and it NEVER syncs correctly. I get duplicate and triplicate bookmark bar folders and even deleting them from one machine does not get rid of them. This is horrible. I like most everything else but not having my latest bookmarks across devices may prevent my permanent swap from Chrome.

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I’m just trying out Brave, the import of my book marks from Safari was a mess. I am wondering your bookmark sync issue is still a problem?


Hi, I stopped using Brave as they would not fix the bookmark bar mess for months.


Thanks for getting back to me, Judging by some other comments they still haven’t fixed it. Looks like i will save my self some pain and go no further with Brave. shame I like what they are doing but if it isn’t practical to work with…!