Why is bookmarks sync so bloody unreliable?

Imported bunch of bookmarks from Firefox into Brave. Synced from PC. Phone receives them. Most looks fine, but there is always some that just doesn’t get synced properly into folders like they should and just sit there in the Bookmarks root instead of in a folder like it is on PC and wouldn’t move anywhere even after whole night of waiting and even fiddling with Brave on phone to allow it to run and do its thing, but it just doesn’t. What gives?

When I move them into some other folder some seem to move there but some again just stay there for no logical reason. And the Other Bookmarks is so weird, like Brave doesn’t have a concept of understanding that folder at all which is straight up bizarre.

PC is latest version of Brave for Windows (Windows 10 1903). Mobile is iPhone XR with latest iOS.

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Jesus, tried again and it’s just sperging all over the place.

  1. Imported bookmarks from Firefox to Brave on PC.
  2. Connected iPhone to the sync chain which took ages, but finally synced it all
  3. Connected laptop, took ages to sync (or so I thought)
  4. Closed the browser and re-opened a bit later. ALL bookmarks were tripled in Bookmarks bar, with stuff in Other Bookmarks just missing entirely
  5. Deleted them all on laptop and waited for them to disappear on iPhone
  6. Opened desktop and it started adding bookmarks back to iPhone

I just don’t understand how Brave’s sync works and why is this incredibly unreliable and inconsistent. Other browsers know what’s happening on each system and they properly combine the info. Brave just seems to go into crazy mode adding and removing bookmarks and then just triple them for no reason and delete others for no reason just the same.

Tried it for the 3rd time and it’s already duplicating folders on source system where I fed the bookmarks into Brave browser (desktop). WTF. This is just straight up unusable. Get this fixed.

Deleted all bookmarks before I uninstall it all and after I’ve deleted them, they just keep on coming back. This is just hilarious.

Pretty sure the Brave team loves such politely requests.
Seriously, Brave Sync is a beta feature and this is not the first thread or github issue about it not working perfectly.

Brave Sync, currently in beta, can be enabled to encrypt and synchronize your preferred settings and bookmarks.

Other browsers like Firefox have been released in 2002 and Brave has been released in 2016 … not to mention that for example chrome is owned by one of the biggest tech companies world wide.
And even they are far away from being perfect … here a 19 years old bug report for Firefox https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=70315 which at least a few month ago still existed on my system. 19 years ago, that wasn’t even Firefox. I think it was Netscape.
So in comparison, Brave is doing pretty good with fixing bugs.
Additionally, I believe, Brave is the only browser, which uses client-side encryption. If they would just upload it to a cloud, readable for everyone, it would perhaps be a lot more stable already.

It’s an open-source project, which is free for everyone. And such issues will be fixed much quicker if everyone would write friendly detailed bug reports and in the best case use existing bug reports and add perhaps additional information.

It used to say “beta” but doesn’t anymore. One would assume it’s not beta anymore then…

It says beta on their website and even if it‘s not beta anymore, bugs can happen. As I said it‘s a free product, you did not purchase anything and you‘re free to use another browser if Brave is not stable enough for you. I just think that noone of us (except perhaps if it‘s about Brave Rewards, because then there is actually money involved) is in the position to blame the Brave team or tell them what they have to do.

Well, I don’t care if anyone is offended by it. I gave feedback and if they want me to use it they really need to sort it out coz for me it entirely depends on ability to sync data. It’s why I can’t use Opera coz their mobile browser for iOS is junk and Opera Touch simply doesn’t have bookmarks at all. Brave is also buggy and can’t be used so I’m stuck with Firefox which is absolutely obsessed with showing of recently visited and bookmarked sites and highlights and it’s annoying as hell. Rounding up to a point where all browsers suck and that’s a pretty sucky situation.

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