I do not understand the broken and unreliable Brave Sync

Sorry but I don’t understand Brave Sync and haven’t since it’s introduction because it’s so broken and unreliable. Not to mention every time I posted about it being broken I was told “It’s still BETA” even though BETA tag was removed from the item in browser and only exist as comment here on forum and on webpage.

The reason I don’t understand it is the very basics how it works.

I’ve installed a clean Brave on laptop. Exported HTML bookmarks from Firefox and imported it into Brave. Sorted them a bit because of different Bookmarks structure in Brave and was done. Perfect, just like it should be, all fine up till here.

Then I’ve connected my PC to the sync chain. And that’s where things already start showing bizarre behavior. In all other browsers, sync features always sequentially sync items in bookmarks bar from left to right in same order as folders and bookmarks are displayed. Where in Brave, they all seem to appear at once, all messed up and thrashed all over the place and over time they slowly sort them back into order they should be and the way as I sorted them on laptop. Worked fine for this PC. Added another folder at this point with bookmarks to extensions that I use for easier installation on my second laptop where I’m about to install Brave moments after…

Then I’ve connected another laptop to the sync chain (I have 2 laptops). Same story as with the PC before. Bookmarks pop up all at once, everything seems to look in order and when I thought everything was synced I notice it hasn’t synced the new Extensions folder that I’ve added. And while I’m waiting for it to also get synced across, all the bookmarks on this second laptop bookmarks bar get all messed up by having their order shifted randomly. What!? Then I go back to my PC and bookmarks got messed up there as well. Then I dragged them back into their places on PC and that change NEVER got synced with the second laptop. I left it on with Brave enabled for whole night and nothing happened. They are now effectively out of sync and they won’t sync up properly from this point no matter what i do.

If I now for example erase all bookmarks on PC in an attempt to import clean set of bookmarks from HTML file and start all over because I’m not sure what else got messed up in my bookmarks collection, when i delete them all, Brave will continue to just add them back instead of doing the opposite which would be deleting them from other synced devices as well. And this can continue for quite a while where you continually be deleting them as they show up until it finally stops doing that. And you still need to manually do the same on all synced devices because somehow delete action doesn’t get synced across. And after this it all just breaks the whole thing even further to a point it’s just totally unusable, unreliable with messed up bookmarks, messed up sync and basically browser I can’t really use because it’s such a mess at this point.

And this is how it has been since ages ago when I first tried Brave, I’ve reported this several times, complained several times after and nothing got changed and frankly I don’t really remember anyone from devs even join in to get it solved. Am I really the only person using Brave Sync or something that no one spots this absolutely bizarre and weird behavior? I just don’t understand it.

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Don’t expect a reply. It’s bollox.

I have exactly the same issue. Brave sync keeps adding deleted bookmarks. Furthermore the Brave sync slows down the computer and the browser itself making it nearly unusable. When I turned the sync off, the performance was back at the top level. Now I use Firefox to sync my bookmarks across computers, I export them to import them back into Brave.