Is Brave Sync working better now?

Reinstalled my main Windows PC and now iCloud Bookmarks stopped working.

Does Brave Sync now really keep the order of bookmarks or still messes up everything?


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Hi @danimartin,

There are still some intermittent issues with Sync, we’re currently working on the issue. We appreciate your patience.


Hi Aaron,

Thank you so much for your reply.

Will try again Brave Sync later this year.

Thanks again

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As far as I can tell, “sync” is terribly broken – still. Multiplicates from every machine in a sync chain, lost folders, messed up orders, and corrections don’t sync properly. This is an issue that, if not resolved, could drive me back to Chrome - though I’d hate that, as Brave does so many things beautifully. PLEASE, PLEASE, get the sync issues fixed.

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