Support ticket and now flagged account

Hi, I submitted a ticket back on the 19th of June and have not had a reply as yet. Ticket number 201899. The ticket was about not recieving my May rewards in June. Now I can not connect to Uphold on my tablet as it said my account is flagged and do not want to submit another ticket while I have one active.
Any help with this would be much appreciated.

Well, that at least answers part of your question. You didn’t receive the payment because you’ve been flagged. Flagged accounts are no longer device specific but will instead flag all linked accounts/devices.

Good choice. I know @Evan123 and others are going through tickets on a regular basis. They just have been taking their time and making sure to put accuracy over speed. If not, then it would result in majority not being reinstated, lol.

One thing to keep in mind is that it’s Friday night when you created this topic. Support isn’t really active here on Community over the weekend. So you’ll not hear anything here until after Monday, most likely. Otherwise also want to say to make sure you’ve been checking your email as that’s where responses to ticket will be. And make sure you’re also checking junk/spam folders in case any replies got stuck there.

Hi @Pilhq, will have your ticket reviewed today. Thank you. Will reply in the ticket directly.

Hi @Pilhq, I see that a teammate replied to your ticket earlier this morning and resolved the issue. Thanks for your patience.