My account is flagged, Without me having done anything wrong

My account is flagged, I didn’t receive the December BATs so I decided to disconnect my account from uphold and connect it again, but when I did that I received this flagged warning, no one answers my email on support. Payment ID: 40590b24-4b4e-4cb7-8c5e-79b0294ab9c5

Then you need to create a Rewards Support Ticket

What email? I mean, only emails they respond to are the ones they send to you. If you sent some random email, then likely is your issue.

Means you had been flagged for who knows how long. You just didn’t receive notice until this.

Do you have a ticket number? Thanks!

When I opened a ticket I put my email, I thought they would respond like this

Yeah, they do. It can take 3-5+ business days. I just wanted to ask because in the past we have had people who tried writing to random email addresses that they thought belonged to Brave Support. So I just wanted to ask and clarify this a bit to find out what you did.

When you created your support ticket you should have gotten an email sent to you with a confirmation containing a ticker number. Can you advise when you submitted the ticket and what your ticket number is?

Also, if you haven’t, make sure you’re checking your Spam filters. Occasionally emails get trapped there and people miss it.

174405 I opened this ticket before disconnecting my account to reconnect it

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