Wallet flagged for a month and no word on resdolution?

I put tickets in a month ago and still flagged. I was told I’d receive missing June rewards this month but if flagged impacts that then it explains why Uphold hasn’t received any BAT since May. Can somebody assist me, please?

@rank78 can you share the ticket number you had where they replied to say it would be taken care of?

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I put 2 tickets in for the flags, assumed due to 2 devices have the warning.


Thanks, @rank78. I’ll tag @Evan123 and @steeven on this so they can try to follow up with you. Just keep in mind it’s Friday night, so it might be a few days before they get back with you on it.

I understand. Thank you for your help.

Thanks @rank78, reviewing your tickets.

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Hi @rank78 please let me know if this is still an active issue for you. Thank you.

I’m able to access again, thank you. I’ll keep an eye out to see if the 2 months of missing rewards arrives in September.

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