Suggestions for using Brave for online banking?

I use the Brave browser with shields up all the time and because of this my online banking is really slow. I have to wait while the bank site tries to shovel in malware trackers until a time out and I can stagger to the next process. Is there a way to configure Brave to allow the malware for the session and delete it afterwards? I did read some stuff about ephemeral storage and wondered if this allows the malware to be accepted but corrals it and then kills it at the end of the session. How does this work?
Any tips on how to use online banking without the malware would be most welcome

I think you are referring to trackers and not specifically malware. Both are two different things. No bank in their right mind will send malware to their users. Malware means virus/trojan etc.

This explanation about ephemeral storage is too complicated and I myself do not know much about it.

You can try brave://settings/clearBrowserData on exit and
brave://settings/cookies , check the feature for ’ Sites that clear cookies when you close them’

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Another option, which I tend to use myself, is to keep a ‘Profile’ specifically for financial services. Then any ‘tracking’ type stuff (whatever amount of it can get past Brave’s protections) will be contained within that profile.

It also allows me to use a different set of extensions (really, none) for Financial activities – while any extensions that I do use for general-purpose browsing will not be able to read from any of my financial activities.

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Thanks for your suggestion
I am not having a lot of success with trying to set up a profile because it appears that the trackers that shovel in are not contained when I drop the shields
I’ve not given up and I am trying different approaches to this because I see your solution should work
Thanks again for your help

Here is how you can create a new profile: Create a new profile to help Troubleshoot

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