Online Banking with Brave Browser

I am new here and do not have high degree of experience/knowledge about internet security. I need to use online banking regularly and until now, when my present subscription of my internet security (Bullguard) is about to expire I am wondering if I can be safe enough to do online banking using Brave Browser and maybe adding somethint like Zemana
Anti-Keylogger. Would appreciate any advice .

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It’s safe to browse your bank with just Brave. I just use the built-in Microsoft Anti-virus, and just being careful which sites I visit and what programs are installed.

Just being cautious, don’t download dodgy programs or visit dodgy links. Occasionally running malwarebytes to ensure everything is okay. But it’s up to the user if they need even more protection, and whether it’s worth the money.


I have zemana free which I use to clear my pc each day and do as you suggest by not logging onto any suspect sites.

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