Having problem with Shield and cookies on a specific site and need help

I’m having a problem with a banking website that uses cookies to determine if you’re logging into from a secured or public computer and need some advice/help.

When logging into my bank they look for one or more cookies to determine if you are logging in from a public PC or one that’s secured. If it cannot find the cookie or cookies its looking for it will prompt you for a code texted to your cell phone. Once you enter the code you can click a button that creates the cookie or cookies needed for verification on future visits. My problem is that even if I click on the button to create the cookies it either is not creating them or placing them in a location where the system cannot find them on the next login.

I contacted a tech support friend of mine at the bank who stated that after he installed Brave on a test PC he was able to disable the shields for the banks web site and he was able to save the cookie so that he could bypass the authentication code on subsequent visits to the site. I tried this on my PC and I continued to be prompted. I subsequently uninstalled and then reinstalled Brave and tired again and this time it worked. I then imported all of my shortcuts from Firefox and when I tried logging into the bank using my shortcut I was once again prompted to enter a code. I subsequently, removed the shortcut, cleared all of my history and tried entering the URL for the bank and attempted to save the cookie but on the next subsequent logon, I was once again prompted to enter a code sent to my cell phone.

At this point, I don’t understand why it retained a cookie on the first logon to the bank and I was not prompted for the code on subsequent logons but failed after I imported my shortcuts. Does this make sense to anyone why importing your shortcuts would cause this kind of issue? Any help would be appreciated.

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Have you tried to create and use a special & dedicaced banking profile in Brave?
With less or no blocking of the shield, different extensions, 3rd part cookies accepted (but deleted on exit) etc?

After posting my problem report I conducted an experiment and got things working but it would be nice to know how I might be able to handle this in a different manner.

As noted in my original post, I uninstalled Brave and went to the process of authenticating to the banks website and indicating that my PC was secure for future logins and it worked up until I downloaded my bookmarks from Firefox. I subsequently uninstalled Brave a second time and repeated the authentication steps again but this time I took a much closer look at the import process from Firefox. What I noted was that by default the import process imports much more than just my bookmarks as it also imports passwords, cookies and other stuff from Firefox that I really wasn’t interested in. After narrowing the import to just the Bookmarks I used the newly imported bookmark for the bank to logon and this time and on subsequent logon attempts I was not prompted to enter a security code…

My suspicion is that there was something about the import of the cookies from Firefox that just isn’t 100%. I don’t know if the Firefox cookies were simply imported without change or whether Brave attempts to covert the Firefox cookie to a Brave cookies or whether there was something about the imported cookie from Firefox that Brave could not overwrite on subsequent validation attempts. All I know at this point is that if Brave writes its own cookie as opposed to working with an imported cookie from Firefox I’ve had no issues with logons to any of my secure websites that write cookies to the system to bypass future authentication issues…

What I would like to know from Technical Support if they are reading this thread is once someone does import stuff from Firefox besides bookmarks is there a way, even a manual editing process, by which one can clear or UNDO the import so that one does not have to go through the process of totally uninstalling Brave just to clear out the import in this manner? In one of my attempts to resolve this problem I do recall that I went into Advanced mode and attempted to remove all of my history and clear out everything but this action did not solve the issue.

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