Suggestions (4 suggestions)


option to set our custom background for the browser

reasons :

  • many don’t like the default image
  • many like to customise their browser and changing background image is one of the basic customisation settings that many browsers have and many people use

change and edit most visited sites

reasons :

  • the most visited sites get automatically added and it seems like brave tracks the sites we visit the most and adds them to most visited sites, brave is known for privacy and if they track it does not suite brave.
  • if we have the option to edit then it will be easy to go to the page, for eg if we want to go to a site with our other account we would have to switch account manually and if we have the option to edit we can just change the no and it will automatically switch our account
  • it should display the site name because we can’t say that everyone knows the logo of the website and if we have the option to edit the name it would be very usefull because if we have to switch between two accounts, we can name them so it would be easy to switch.
  • we should have the option to add most visited sites because if we like a website and if we want to add it to the list we can’t because it is automatic and we can only remove and we can’t add.

turn on and off history

reasons :

  • brave is known for privacy and if our history is saved in our browser anyone can just open our browser and see what we have searched

option to open second line of tabs

reasons :

  • if we have many tabs it would be very difficult to see what site is in that tab so if a second line of tabs are there like in vivaldi, it would be easy to navigate through tabs

these lack of features are like we only have half control over our browser