New tab backgrounds

Hey guys. Are you bored of the same old pictures of the Brave new tab? Do you want your own custom image to see? Well that’s what I want and that’s why I created this topic.
I really like the images on the new tab of Brave but I got bored 3 days later, I need to see a different image. Like many other people using the Brave browser. Create a feature where you can create your own custom background, please? Chrome has this feature and I switched from Chrome. For gods sake I can speed up chrome really fast, just remove extensions and turn off some other options but please, I stuck with Brave and I might not stick with Brave, if you add custom new tab backgrounds, I will always use Brave and I will recommend Brave to everyone I know and I mean everyone. Just do me a favor please? Add this feature.

This isn’t a new thing you asked for. A mega thread is going on since a couple of years I guess. Hope the team is also bringing this on the users request.

Have a great day @CSE_Tech

I love Vivaldi’s option to add a picture to the browser.

Yep, it’s really sad :frowning:

Me too. Wish Brave had that.