Manually Adding Top-Sites

Dear Brave-Team,

Great browser! I would really love to see the possibility to customize my startpage/new tab. In every other browser I can select and add my own “Top-Sites”, this possibility is a key feature for myself and I think for a lot of other people out there as well. To be able to work efficiently, I would need that possibility. Until then the browser can be used to play a bit around and test - but I can’t use it properly.

Thanks & Regards


Thanks for the feedback @Pit00r.

Last time I heard, it’s in the works. Thanks for your patience.

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I’m also looking forward to a management of the Top Sites and the possibility to add them manually. So the New Tab site would make much more sense to me in my daily workflow.

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Six sites are actually very low. Should add more


great to hear it’s in the works, as I miss the new Firefox feature that allows me to customize the top sites, like number of rows and sites, and to be able to save to top sites permanently, and the option in the menu to add/save to top sites right now whenever I clear history the top sites also disappear.