More Customizable Homepage | search bar etc

Hi, I really enjoy Brave browser overall but I have a small issue with customizability of Homepage, there is almost no thing to change on it. I would like to have option to see “search bar” for example or to add shortcuts by myself just like in Google Chrome. And also it would be awesome if I could name my shortcuts cause I sometimes use a few of them to the same website and then it’s hard to guess which one is this correct one. Please consider that in next update it really meater to me.

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Would also be great if we could have more than 6 shortcuts, and as mentioned by Rylee, if they could be titled.

Background pictures might be nice sometimes but the “New Page” should be very minimalist and clear. Turning the background image off, doesn’t really help, as the background gets even more colorful. I’d prefer a simple “white” page so the important parts are emphasized. Also please give me more than 6 top sites. A choosable number in rows and columns would be very nice.

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Some people want functionality over simplicity. It should be the users’ choice to make that decision.

I’ve really been enjoying the home page background picture selections … until yesterday - the avocado bin almost makes me toss lunch! Thus we now have to go through the user-wants-more-options routine (sigh) … UNLESS y’all can curate your bg pic selection a bit better. No food! Period. And no animals / nature for me please … do we really need programable user prefs here?