5 things what you have to change/add in brave + some great ideas

Please read all because there are some great ideas at the end.

  1. Brave doesn’t fill passwords immediately (See Brave doesn't fill passwords immediately (on page load)). Can you please add option that enables immediately password autofilling (current setting and flag do nothing)?

  2. Too thick download bar takes up too much space. Make it thinner (like in other chromium browsers)

  3. Too big “customize and control brave” menu. It’s hard to find options in it because there are too many options and they are randomly arranged. You should move rarely used options (extensions, rewards, crypto wallets, brave adblock, sync, profiles, report broken site etc.) into “more tools” submenu or move them down (see picture) for easier access to frequently used options.

  4. Due to last update and “close tab” button autohiding, it’s harder to close tabs (See Brave tab design was better before last update) Please make tabs as they were before last update.

  5. You should add bookmarks menu to the right of adress bar for quick access to recent bookmarks and more (something like library in firefox).

    *Bookmarks option would access bookmarks in bookmarks bar (and other bookmarks)

  6. You should add option to set top sites by yourself. You should add special bookmarks folder called “top sites”. Bookmarks in this folder will be displayed on new tab page as top sites.

  7. You should add “forgot this tab option” to the bottom of right-clicked tab menu. This option would delete all history, cookies and site data from selected tab(s). Bookmarks and downloaded files will stay.

  8. I use “read later” flag and it successfully solves the problem of too many tabs. So I got an idea: hiding tabs which you don’t need yet but you don’t want to close them. You should add “hide tab” option into right-clicked tab menu. This option would hide selected tab(s) into “hidden tabs list” and freeze it. “Hidden tabs list” button would be on the window frame, next to “minimize window” button. It would show you a list of hidden tabs. You also should add option to auto-hide tabs when tab bar is full.

    **In hidden tabs menu would be also displayed 3 most recently closed tabs

My English isn’t so good but I hope you’ll understand me.

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Some good ideas! Thanks for taking the time.

They want you to click those items (especially rewards and wallets) so I guess they will never implement your request.

Yes, but they should move these options to the bottom so they wouldn’t hinder us but they would be still visible because it’s harder to click other options (find, print, reader mode, zoom, edit…).