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I like very much this browser and i want to recommend to another people.
Wich is the best modality to make that?


Brave was recommended by a techie and I like very much, but…

  1. I dislike your (dark) photos when opening a new tab. I want a BLANK PAGE Option to load faster and look better (to me). I can do this w/ FF, Waterfox, or Chrome.

  2. I don’ want to see "top site"s on your opening page. Those are nobody’s business who might be walking by or if I try to show Brave to someone. I am constantly having to X the annoying things out. Please NO TOP SITES as an option.

  3. Allow a small icon option for Bookmark Bar, as with FF, so there is less space between them.)

  4. With the address bar, please add a second Search bar up there like FF. It really helps with spelling as one goes along.

  5. Please make those changes to your updated browser.

  6. I stream off free sites for TV & movies (ie putlocker, watchseries, couchtuner). Your blocking does little. I still have to add add-ons or whatever y’all call them for better blocking.

  7. For personalization to tab pages, please consider a Brave Theme that has the LION LOGO to the right. I have the fox logo for a theme w/ FF and it helps me know which browser I am on, as I usually have two open at a time. Make it simple, right now the only Chrome theme I can get to work for me with Brave is Sea Foam. Because of old eyes I need contrast, black letters on a light background. The theme I use for FF is called “Firefox B”, if you’d like to look it up. I think it would look nice with your lion.

Thank you for your consideration for making the above changes and the caring work y’all do for this browser.

I use a simple laptop with Windows 10


Just wanted to come here to say that i love Brave Browser. Thx for making it public access free!


Hey folks at Brave, I have been using your browser for a month now and I love it. If nothing else I feel better not using internet explorer and other “big tech” browsers but, it also has the bonus of being awesome! I love the ad blocking ad it just is smoother online experience.

I love the layout and the look, of the browser it’s modern and fun, and the interface is very intuitive!

thanks to all there!

Can you add external download manager and pure amoled night mode on your next updates. Thank you.


Not sure if this is still monitored, but I’d like to say a few things before I leave.

I’ve been with this browser for about 2 years. When I originally came, I really like it. Unfortunately, it seems that Brave is becoming everything it promised not to be. It constantly wants you to enable ads and tries advertising on the new pages and other things of the sort. On top of that, it has many annoying features that the developers simply don’t seem to care about (e.g. the annoying pop-up about developer extension every damn time you open the browser). No good reason has been given for why this happens every time and frankly I don’t think anybody knows. I’m switching to a new browser that cares about it’s service. I really wish the best for Brave, and hope that one-day it returns to it’s former glory.


P.S. I recommend Dissenter and DuckDuckGo (which sucks but at least doesn’t censor everything and manipulate politics and elections like Google and YouTube).

Thanks for fixing the problem where if you tried to drag a tab it opened it’s own page. Dragging as in Firefox is working now.

I’ve had Brave browser for one day and already, I love it! A friend recommended this to me because of my crappy fps in browser games. One game I used in chrome gave me 4 fps. When I tried that game on Brave browser, it went to 30 fps, which was way smoother. I didn’t even need it, but the built in ad blocker and faster loading makes this the by far best browser ever.

Eu gostaria que tivesse a opção de traduzir os sites no browser

Just started using Brave based on recommendations after getting very disappointed with the CEO of Mozilla’s approach to people whose political opinions she doesn’t like.

Pretty good so far. It beats FireFox, coming back out of DISQUS Notifications. I alway had to reload the page as it would lock up in a do-loop.

One question; When I want to do a print of a page, how do I Save it to a PDF document? I could do that in Safari and Firefox, but not in Brave.

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Please stop automatically reloading tabs I reselect after a short period of time. It should only reload if I click to refresh it. I don’t know if it’s your browser or me using a Windows 7, but reloading tabs without my consent is inconvenient, and defeats the purpose of leaving a tab open.

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I´m new to this Browser and I must say I enjoy it. BUT there are some features I miss compared to other Browsers. A feature with multiple profiles where you can safe tabs is a must have for me. It keeps the look of the browser clean even though there are lots of tabs opened. Best example is OperaGX. I have one profile at the left for social media, one for gaming stuff, one for investments like binance,… And so on. For me this feature is essential and I think a lot of people would also love to have it added.
Thank you.

Sometimes it gets boring to see the same set of background images on new tab. Provide an option to make it refresh new pics daily. (Just like Google Chrome)

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What is the point of this forum ? we need proper contact details as clearly nothing we put on here is read or rectyfied by BRAVE. over the last few months there has been nothing but problem after problem ! BAT not going into uphold discontecting wakket after years of being conected also keeps signing me out of my sites ! also running my system at max and crashing it ! its really getting anoying using this browser !

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well its awesome but take too much time to load websites contained pdf


Hi, I like this browser because it’s private and allows you to browse safely online.

I agree with your suggestion.

I also feel DeAnos’ disappointment that this forum doesn’t provide satisfaction that the company or developers read or care about what is written in this thread. It’s not even that long of a thread, but I see no replies or comments from any Brave personnel.

I’ve been thinking about switching my browser because (Brave) Dissenter browser seems to be abandoned, and sometimes throws errors because the Chromium base is getting dated. I was thinking of moving to Ungoogled Chromium, but I saw CDM recommend Brave as the most trustworthy alternative to Google. I don’t know if CDM has enough technical knowledge to evaluate that choice or if they just know the owner/developer and trust him personally. When I received the Brave Browser mass market mailing, I was kind of proud of Brave and wanted to switch, but I have concerns.

I get that the developer is on our side for having been kicked out of Firefox because of the negative direction they are going, but I have never seen Brave as being fully committed to removing Google links and dependencies from the ROM like Ungoogled or Bromite.

I first opted out of BAT when I saw the explanation that information about me has to be transmitted to the advertiser. If I knew a little more about the nature of that information, it might not bother me.

I also liked the idea of the browser supporting video calls and meetings. I thought it was a great way to get away from the services and apps that record and transcribe our private calls and meetings, but then I was concerned again that you are using a Hangouts code to enable that functionality. The explanation does not make it clear whether you are just using a code blob to technically enable the function, or whether you are introducing a Google link or dependency.

But next after installing Brave on my PC and three of my Android devices, I set up a sync chain. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to use Brave. I very much like having Firefox and Fennec sync all my passwords, bookmarks, history, and open tabs. This was one reason for hesitating about going to Ungoogled Chromium. But I was completely dismayed to find that Brave won’t add my degoogled Android devices to the sync chain because I don’t have Play Services on my devices.

What is the point of moving to Brave to get away from Google and Big Tech writ large if you’re just going to keep us dependent on Play Services?

UPDATE: I found out that Brave only requires Play Services if I want to add my degoogled Android devices with the QR code scan. It works fine if I type in my code instead.

Sadly I’m here because Dissenter has been abandoned and the Chromium base is getting out of date. I had also hoped to sync my devices like I do in Firefox, but Brave Android requires Play Services. [update] The Play Services required dependency issue only occurred while trying to sync with the QR Code. I tried again by entering the sync code manually, and Brave Android is now syncing with my Linux PC.

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