Suggestions for custom themes, brave adblocker, settings screen, search engine integration?, reader mode, tor mode

So a lot of people are using Brave including me. Some people use it to have no hassle out of the box privacy. Some things I will mention here are minor and aren’t privacy related but some are. Here are my suggestions for the Brave browser to make it even better for everyone.

Non privacy related:
Theme related:
1. When using a custom theme downloaded from chrome web store, make private browsing window purplish color like the default theme to make it obvious you are in the private browsing window the little icon and text in the top right corner isn’t enough (have it optionable)
2. Make the tab search button (drop down tab menu) be customizable with themes or another way to change it (the appearance) and add an option to disable it entirely

Quality of life features:
1. In the Brave settings make it so people can scroll through the options and not click on the left side menu. It’s just a quality of life feature that was present but isn’t there anymore.
2. In the search box when typing have an option to choose another non-default search engine that is in the search engines menu and search with it instead of having to copy the thing and go to the site manually like Firefox does
3. Why is the reader mode disabled by default? You can enable it in flags but why disable it? What’s the problem?

Privacy-concious related:
Since a lot of people don’t know what Tor browser is because they are using Brave just to get good privacy out of the box, make it obvious of the problems of Tor mode in Brave.

1. When in tor mode make a note on the screen with the problems with it in Brave, using Tor Browser=you are anonymous, using Brave Tor mode=your fingerprint isn’t the same like people with Tor Browser. The feature is convenient for example if you want to upload something using Onionshare but it’s not completely anonymous. I don’t use Tor myself but still.
2. Make the built-in adblocker optionable (but on by default) so someone could use an adblocker or wide spectrum blocker extension like ublock origin without having to use both (toggle setting in advanced in brave shields)

Number of total suggestions: 7

So I’ve written a lot, sorry but I wanted to point out those things. What do you think about the suggestions?