Suddenly 3 sites have rejected my correct passwords and locked me out of accounts

Hello, after a couple of years using Brave on my chromebook AND smartphone, all of a sudden 3 sites have rejected my correct passwords and have locked me out of those accounts. I have stopped temporarily using the Brave browser, concerned about safety. Any comments and or advice. Can Brave support investigate what happened? I was considering using Brave VPN after my contract with a different provider expires but… Please help?

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I am having a similar problem. Two of my accounts, both with sensitive information, started refusing to let me log in this morning. I finally was able to open one of them, but had to diddle with the saved passwords a bit. The second one, which is the most critical just says “contact customer support” when I press the login button. It’s on a blank page with no links to this phantom customer support and no instructions. I haven’t been able to open that account all day in Brave. I am, however, able to open it in Firefox and the iPhone app. I called the company that owns the website and they do not have any reports of problems on it. I did turn off the Shields and Brave keeps turning them on again. I did report that there was a problem with that website on that page. How does one contact someone who can check this out and get it fixed?

only advice i give is lock you accounts down with a physical hardware 2fa key and use password manager

@bravaso this could be because of Shields settings, bad cookies, your VPN, or any number of things. It shouldn’t be anything where there’s any danger to your accounts. It’s just that you had something going on that resulted in information being input incorrectly, it not sending, or whatever and the server rejected.

As to being able to help, you provided absolutely none of the information that Brave requests. You left the template in but did not answer the questions. For example, which version of Brave are you using on these devices?

And while it’s not on the template:

  • What version of iOS are you using?

  • Did this happen on your Chromebook as well? If so, which OS version and version of Brave is it using?

  • Did you manually type in passwords or did you have passwords input from your password manager?

  • If a password manager, did you use Brave’s, iPhone’s, or an extension? (On iPhone you can’t use Brave’s password manager, it’s something they are working on implementing. But Brave isn’t an option)

@junderwood Most likely you should be in your own topic for this. And would need you to provide the following information:

  • Which OS?

  • Which version of Brave?

  • If desktop, have you tried new profile without adding extensions to see if the issue replicates there?

  • You mention works on the iPhone app, are you referring to Brave? (if so, suggests you’re saying you’re on desktop. Might help verify it’s likely an extension you have causing problems)

And if the above makes no difference, might need to share which website so it can be looked at just in case there’s a compatibility issue with the site.

Thanks, Saoriray. I’ll try that.

I have Brave on an I-phone (ios apple) and also on my chromebook (chrome os). With both devices had the same issue with correct password un-recognition, within a few days. On both instances I disabled the VPN prior to entering the passwords

I am trying to avoid using password managers precisely for future security breaches

Although I handle devices and technology, I am not precisely a hi-tech person, so all those steps for me feel a little bit frustrating and not my cup of tea. I am honestly asking why should I go through this pain (already locked out of my att email and my apple id)? I trusted Brave as a safe and private tool - but getting into trouble. Why not just use Safari to stay away from big brother google? I am honestly asking

also I don’t know how to lock my accounts with a physical hardware nor see why I would need to learn how to do it if Safari is safe a not giving me problems. I am trying to do the right thing by staying away from the bad big brother google and big bad sister apple but getting overwhelmed and frustrated. I had no problems for almost two years. thanks for trying to help

I can’t say which version of Brave since I set on chrome and iphone as the default engine. Now I am temporarily using Safari on the iphone and chrome on the laptop so can’t find the version when I open brave. Don’t know if there is a newer version updated automatically since last week. Very frustrated. Lost days with trying to unlock the att email. Real nightmare

I got confused by your reply to the other user with a similar problem. No I have not provided much information because I am not a hi-tech person just a person who has handled many types of devices successfully. Not being able to be on a chat (instant messaging) becomes challenging for me. I know you are a volunteer and trying to help but maybe this is a case where “a good deed never goes unpunished”. For trying to support Brave against the bad guys google, apple, big gov etc I end up locked out of two vital accounts. Used brave for almost two years, no problem. Now I am spending days trying to fix a problem which does happen with chrome nor safari. These good intended forums are maybe not a good match for me. As a non hi-tech person I rather pay a monthly fee and get tech support on an instant messaging chat and get the problem resolved. I can’t afford waiting days only to try a variety of options to fix which as I said don’t have when using chrome or safari. is there another search engine similar to brave which charges a fee and where tech support is offered? thanks for your help

My password manager looks totally different and when I put in a search it comes up empty for all of my accounts. Have to redo all of my passwords.

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