Successfully recovered wallet using seed however all of my BAT is missing

I was able to successfully recover my wallet using the seed but none of my BAT (about 100 BAT give or take) was restored. Am I missing something?

The seed phrase only restores the pending rewards, as they are kept in a custodial wallet. Your actual Brave Rewards are held in a local wallet on your device and cannot be restored with a seed phrase.

If that’s the case then all my BAT are lost forever as I’ve formatted my drive while only saving the seed. Why does the seed recover funds with every single other wallet I’ve ever used except Brave?

I’ve been saving those BAT since the first day Brave was released to the public. Geez, I would of been better off using CryptoTab! Ugh…

It’s extremely misleading to have the seed recovery option so readily available without any warning that it doesn’t recover the funds stored in your wallet.

The information is there:

The option to generate a seed phrase no longer exists. It was removed about a year ago when they moved to a local wallet to store your BAT.

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I’m not sure if Support would be able to help you recover those BAT or not, @Spyvs5py .
But while you wait and see what may come here, you can have a read at…

…it’s dated about 8 months ago.

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