Restore Brave Rewards

I have my seed phrase from my brave rewards but when I import it to my new computer my rewards balance is 0. where did it go?

A seed phrase doesn’t sync up your rewards.

It just syncs up your History, Bookmarks, Passwords, etc.

seriously? then how do I recover the rewards? I had like 1000 bat in it.

You can only sync your Rewards using a Uphold Wallet/ Gemini Wallet.

You can’t do anything about your old BATs. They are lost.

Seriously? thats really crappy! I was unable to claim it to a personal wallet because the only option was uphold and it wasn’t supported where I live.

Whats the point of a seedphrase and not be able to recover rewards that make no sense wow talk about theft!

BTW they aren’t lost you as a company just don’t want to pay it out and you just reclaimed it.

I mean thats actually not even Seedphrase.

Thats called the sync chain, so they both aren’t connected.

Ohh thanks for calling me a company.

I don’t work at Brave, I am just a common person like you and I am doing this for fun and don’t get paid.

It restored before just fine for me when I moved laptops one time so you changed or broke something on purpose so you wouldnt have to pay out now that its probably 5x if not more valuable than it was when I earned it I was an early adopter too. Now I’ll never recommend Brave again. The payout is horrible compared to how it used to be.

Maybe read my previous post.


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