Backup rewards before reinstalling browser


my brave-browser is connected to
I have some BAT collected in the browser, scheduled for payment on 6th of may.

Now I would like to reinstall the browser.
How can I do that AND recover the rewards afterwards.

I found some threads on this but no definitive answer.

Thanks, stn

Hi @stn021, please have a read here

and here

before you do a reinstall.
Perhaps @JohnDproof or @klompje could advise you more, too, on this topic.

Yes, there I found exactly my point:
“… it will not carry over any estimated earnings from this month …”

That is what I though and why I ask.
So how can I send my estimated earnings to uphold before reinstall ?

the only way is to wait for the payment day (April 5th), but you probably will not receive all the pending rewards.

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I see, thank you for the info.

In that case I would like to make a suggestion:
Put a button in “brave-rewards” to
“send pending rewards to uphold now”

That button would obviously require me to connect my wallet to uphold first.

I will be happy to post this suggestion elsewhere. Is there a category for this ?

Thank you,

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We have a Feedback category as well as a Feature Request category this would be good in :slight_smile:

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