I lost my phone and right now, I am using another one. So I then used the my Brave recovery phrase to regain my BAT it is not working. 2 Worries

  1. Anytime I paste the recovery phrase to restore my BATs, it is showing no BATs in the Brave Wallet
  2. Whenever I’m trying to link Brave to my Uphold wallet, it is rejecting it.
  3. But in the meantime, my monthly BATs continue to be paid. That shows that my BATs still exist but please tell me how to restore them.

i think …no chance … all you have to do is to move on…

But I still receive my monthly payment … That is to my BATs still exist !!

Please dear community, help find a solution. I sure that there must one

@ZEK27 Typically we need you to provide more details than you have. Based on what you have said, I can answer two of your issues. Your other one will require you to provide us with more information. Also, I want to stress that any time you go to create a topic here on Brave Community, there is a template with a list of questions we need you to answer. It appears you deleted those questions and only posted what you wanted. That information is very important for us to be able to identify your issue and provide assistance. So please be sure to use the template and answer all questions in the future, as well as adding as much extra information as you can. It helps to make sure things go smoother and doesn’t waste a lot of time.

Brave Wallet has nothing to do with Rewards. There would be no BAT in your Wallet unless you paid money to buy BAT there or you sent it there from another place. But if you’re talking Rewards payments, that never goes to Wallet.

Rewards does not have a recovery phrase. You either have to do backups or your device or link it to a custodial partner, such as Gemini or Uphold, to keep it safe.

If you were unverified and lost your phone, then you lost all of your BAT. There will be no way at all to recover it.

It will only be paid and claimed on that device. If you had linked to Uphold, payment would have been sent there.

For this, we would need to know what error you’re getting? Is it saying you’re flagged? Are you in an unsupported region? Is it already connected to another account? Does it say try again later? There are many things that can prevent you from linking to Uphold. Obviously no way to help without knowing what you’re doing and seeing.

Also helpful to know is:

  • What version of Brave are you using?

  • What OS? (such as Android 9/10/11, Windows 10/11, etc)

  • If unsupported region error, what country do you live in?

Hello, Saoiray,
thank you for your help and avice on elements to add while posting a concern.

However, I must say that my Uphold wallet is verified and still receive monthly BATs. But my BATs don’t show anymore as before whenever I open Brave. I can remember I had BATs appearing there. I’m not talking about change on parameter.

So you also asked me about :

  1. Brave version : I use the recent one updated.
  2. Windows: I use windows 10 on my computer
  3. Region : Gabon

Tell me, what should I do or how should I proceed to make BATs appear, because each month, like I said, I still receive my payment.

Can you show a screenshot of where it should be showing your BAT but you’re saying it doesn’t show? I want to make sure we’re thinking of the same thing. It also may give me a clue as to your issue.

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