BAT Missing after recovery

When I created the Brave Rewards Wallet I noted down my backup seed, so far so good. After a failure of my system I reinstalled Brave and imported my wallet with the saved backup seed, however all my earned BAT (20+) have disappeared?

Reinstalled Brave multiple times with no luck, even imported the wallet on a other device but again no luck. Where are my BATS as they should be connected to my wallet?

To be complete, auto contribution is off.


Which windows are using?Because most people whom are having problem with installation and functionality are using windows 10 and i too used to have the same problem with it but i decided to change it , then i was fine,but try to consult your technician first.

It is quite silly that you are saying that I need to change my OS so I can get BATs back. Brave is just a browser and it makes me think maybe I should be using a different one if the answer to a bug is to change my OS.

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I don’t use Windows. I’m on OSX and Ubuntu.

Tried on both systems to recover my wallet and BAT. Backup seed is accepted but no BAT’s shown.

Well, I’m the technician here and I couldn’t get it to work.

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