Streaming Sites

Using the latest version of Brave with Windows 10.

Two streaming sites I subscribe to won’t work with Brave.

Shudder is one and the other is AppleTV+.

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Paramount, Disney+ and Sundance work fine.

Try adjusting brave shields for each problematic site?

What exactly happens when you visit the conflicting sites? Do they not render, are you able to interact at all, infinite loading, etc?

With Apple+I can get on the site, but it acts as if I’m not a subscriber. It allows me to log in with my Apple account, but when I try to watch something it gives me the screen to subscribe.

With Shudder, I can log in fine and select something to watch, but it gives me an error message and won’t run the video.

Both of these sites work just fine with Edge.

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Just signed up to test this. was able to test (great series). no issues here.

I would get an error if Widevine is disabled:

Maybe toggle Widevine in brave://settings/?search=widevine ?

Widevine should be enabled. All the other streaming sites require it now, so it’s enabled for them.

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Screenshot of the error message?

Ok, my bad. It looks as if Shudder works fine now. Apple, however, is a different story.

Okay, screenshot of the error for Apple+ ,I don’t have a apple+ account

There is no error message. I log in and that’s fine. But when I attempt to run a video I get a popup asking me to subscribe. I click on that and it tells me I already have an account. Same thing happens every time. I actually called Apple support and all they could tell me was to try another browser.

Can you clear the cookies for, and then re-login and retest? Does adjusting shields help? If you allow “All Cookies” in Shields does it help?

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Yay! That fixed it. Thanks


Was just clearing cookies fixed it? @Rokkr

Yes, it worked perfectly.

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