Brave not supported by Netflix -- help please!

I’m using a MacBook Pro, Mojave (10.14.6) and when trying to watch shows on Netflix, there is a Netflix error message, asking us to use their selected browsers, of which BRAVE is not a part. I followed the suggestion to toggle on/off the widevine extension setting and no go. There’s got to be a way to use Brave to watch – right? Help!

Not true. Just so you know, when sites post about their “supported browsers” they are only talking about ones they have thoroughly tested and designed for. Anything not on that list just means they haven’t tested and can’t speak on in regards to performance.

In terms of Brave, it’s based on Chromium. As a result, Brave will work on anything that “supports Chrome.” That includes Netflix, which MANY people with Brave use on a regular basis.

The website says If you get this error but don’t use Google Chrome, or you’re using a Chromium-based web browser, your browser isn’t supported by Netflix.

I know, when you click on their page it says it doesn’t support Chromium. This is actually an older message and was put there because many Chromium browsers do/did not offer DRM (Digital Rights Management) plugins in their browser. However, Brave does include that through Widevine, which you’re saying you have enabled.

I’d advise you to check out and see if it shows that you have your DRM active. If it is, then it will look something like:

If it’s not active, then you’ll instead see something like:

Of course, because it thinks you don’t have a DRM, it will offer to install it. You can ignore that prompt.

Assuming you have Widevine on and that site shows you with DRM, then you know that’s not an issue. The next step(s) would be for you to try to disable extensions and/or to create a new browser profile and test it there.


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