Strange Behavior from updated Brave browser


So this new version of Brave Version 0.58.21 Chromium: 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) is working fine, the issue is how it behaved while updating.

So I updated about a couple weeks ago and when I did this new version didnt automatically transfer my logins and bookmarks like it normally does when I update. I thought this was weird but didnt mind much. However I then noticed that this new version of Brave created an entirely new .exe file in my computer instead of overwriting the old files. So now Im concerned that this may have been some kind of spy-ware, I dunno. It just seems really fishy and I have never encountered this problem when updating Brave or any software for that matter.

I have been searching online for other people encountering this issue but I cant seem to see anyone else talking about this. So I thought it would be a good idea to at least bring it up to the devs. I just want to know I didnt accidentally give some hackers my account log ins…luckily I havent logged into my bank accounts before noticing this. So right now I have 2 working versions of Brave on my computer, the old one still has my account logins and my Meta-Mask while this new one is like a completely new version.

If everything is cool just let me know. But if this is the first time youre hearing about this kind of issue then we should probably look into this more closely. So if you need any other specific files or info from me just let me know.



Was the older version the Muon edition, with the address bar over the tabs instead of below it?

If so, there should be a second copy of the software so you can copy your old bookmarks and wallet information over to the new browser. It’s intentional behavior.


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