12.7.2018 Update (to 0.57.18 Chromium) Riddled With Migration & Sync Problems

Not sure where to say all this so… I just hope it helps get things fixed.

I’ve loved, and used, Brave so much I wrote 2 articles about it (not spamming, providing proof);

Why I Use Brave Browser 90% Of The Time…And Why It’s One Step Closer To 100%]

Brave Browser Takes On Google In Privacy War

But this update frankly scares the hell out of me.

Only 1 of 3 migrated settings/bookmarks/passwords

On one Windows PC everything migrated (bookmarks, passwords, etc.) from ‘Brave (old)’ automatically and perfectly fine.

On the 2nd Win PC, though, nothing migrated even when trying to manually ‘import bookmarks’ from ‘Brave (old)’.

The 3rd, didn’t migrate anything either.

No sync/sign in option?

The avatar (same as Chrome) says ‘Sync disabled | Not signed in’.

Maybe operator error but I can’t find anywhere to log in, turn on sync, etc.

Can’t export settings?

Trying to ‘manually sync’ the 2 I can easily export bookmarks to an html, and export passwords with some digging, but can’t see anywhere to export anything else.

I’ll keep using it, for a bit, and hope these are temporary oversights.

Please, please be temporary oversights.

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Agree with you @MattyBv3,

Gotta warn you though, if you read the Brave employee responses to the threads of the last 24 hours, it’s shocking that there hasn’t been one mea culpa. Mostly snide remarks and replies to some of their most ardent users as if we are the ones confused.

Updates don’t leave 2 apps on a computer.
Updates don’t fry settings.
Updates don’t change defaults such as which search engine you want to use.
We’ve all updated Brave dozens of times, none have done this…yet not one of these threads has a Brave employee said “hey you all are right, this shouldn’t have been called an Update.”

I was really hoping for a more thoughtful response to the thread I posed, but was just told that I didn’t read the “Learn More” description correctly…

If anything, the responses of the moderators and customer support team in this thread makes me wary of Brave’s organizational structure and internal culture. Appears to be arrogant and not customer-centric. Maybe this is meant to just be a forum for their devs to respond, in which case I get why they’re taking all this feedback so personally.

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