Still crashing after having installed an older version

After installing the version pointed here: Need support after uninstalling Brave

I had thought I would be fine. In fact, I surfed nicely for a few hours.

But right now, after having rebooted the computer and brave itself, I’m still having the crashing issue.

Why, even after installing on purpose an older version, I’m still having crashes? Did Brave update itself on his own?

Yes. There’s a part of Brave that still updates in the background brave://components. This is what handles stuff like the Shields (and why it continues to work with blocking ads/trackers even in older versions). I don’t know how to shut this off or roll it back, though I don’t think there IS any way to do that. So we’ll have to wait for someone knowledgeable to chime in.

turns out we will probably have to move to hardened firefox. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another user chimed in and there’s a way to shut off shields without needing to visit the site

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It is only possible to go up to a certain version of the browser if you’re running Windows 7. If you installed the last compatible version it will not update beyond that.

But the problem is that if I uninstall the browser and download the standalone version, I will surf without issues until I restart the browser. Then the madness begins.

I will try the solution highlighted above, but later. Right now I can’t.