Need support after uninstalling Brave

Due to the crashing bug I decided to uninstall Brave (and simply reinstall it later with the installer on the brave website) only to realize right now that Windows 7 (that I have installed) is not supported anymore.

Before uninstalling, I forgot to backup my password and favourites, but in the uninstaller I did not check the “remove favourites” box and I noticed I still have the Brave Browser/user data inside my hard drive.

Right now I cannot install Brave - I’m simply denied due to having windows 7 (I went to github to get older versions, but they do not work).

I still would like to see if I could get my favourites and password back.

Any help, please?

For anyone wondering, I was able to reinstall Brave by getting the standalone setup as explained here: Cannot re-install Brave - #2 by Saoiray

And yes, I do have all my favourites, passwords and so on !! Yuppiee!!

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