It keeps crashing

hey I have a problem with Brave I can’t use it keeps crashing I saw someone says try —disable-gpu but nothing changed
I use the desktop

@mohund the first thing I want to mention is they just put out a new patch today for people who were having this issue. So if you can make sure to try to update Brave, it might help. But if still having issues, I just want you to try to answer as much of the information as you can from what’s listed below.

  • Does it crash immediately or is the crash delayed?

  • Are you doing any particular task, visiting website, or whatever when it crashes?

  • Can you go to brave://settings/help which brings you to About Brave and share what version of Brave you’re using?

  • Which version of Windows (7/8/10/11) are you using?

  • Could you go to brave://crashes provide any Uploaded Crash Report ID you see there? If it shows Send Now it means they haven’t uploaded. You will need to click Send Now and then exit Brave for something like 30 seconds, then return there. It should now provide you Uploaded Crash Report ID. Copy/paste that here if possible.

how do I update?

yes crash immediately I cant open anything

oh nvm

I got the update

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And is everything working fine now?

for now yes but we will see in the future if any errors or crashes I will report thx for your time

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Awesome, I’m marking is as solved for now, but do make sure to let us know if any other problems.

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