Spotify embed avoiding Widevine

Hello, I am trying to embed a Spotify podcast in a Wordpress site using the embed code from the podcast itself. However I realized that it would need to use Widevine to stream it, which means a popup appears requesting permission to activate Widevine and it kinda messes up the User Experience in the site. My question is: Is there any other way to embed Spotify while avoiding Widevine to reproduce it?
Thanks in advance!

Do you have Widevine turned off in your settings or do you have it on? I’m asking as I’ve never had that pop-up occur anywhere, but I do have it turned on but I think it’s turned off by default in Brave, unless they changed that. In much the same way, usually browsers like Chrome also have it on by default. You can double check this at brave://settings/extensions

If you’re asking if you can do Spotify without Widevine, the answer is no. That’s actually been a complaint from many people for a few years now. They have enabled this everywhere to try to protect content and even to force people to pay extra money to them.

Just am curious if your issue is just within the idea of making sure Widevine is turned on?

Hi Saoiray, thanks for the quick answer! I have Widevine turned on as well, the popup appears to Brave users who don’t have Widevine turned on (it’s off by default) and this is not a great look for my clients site if they access the site through brave for the first time or don’t have much knowledge on the topic.
Anyway this solves my issue/doubt, so again thanks Saoiray!

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