Unable to open Spotify web

Hey guys,

I´m unable to use open.spotify.com for something I suspect is the widevine plugin. The landing page I see redirects me here

I have installed the latest Brave version for windows:

Version 0.56.15 Chromium: 70.0.3538.110 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hi @juanguren,

This one may can help How do I enable widevine in Beta when the browser does not prompt?


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Hello @eljuno,

Thank you. I have both options enabled:

But still can´t access Spotify

Did you try this @juanguren? This one is what I suggested above.

Well, I have checked many times @eljuno but not sure what you mean with “seeing the notification” I checked if Brave´s blocking it but it´s in “default (ask)” and nothing prompts.
Attached a screenshot of what shows:

Apologize for the confusion @juanguren. I replied from mobile before so I can’t provide a screenshots. Hope this one make it clear.

The notification is not showing on open.spotify.com but do appear on spotify.com. See the “different” URL? There will be an icon at the right side of URL bar,

  • Open spotify.com. The notification is at the right side (orange box).

  • Click the icon, then Run and install Widevine



Oh yes, that was incredibly easy. I should´ve read more carefully for the spotify.com

Thanks a lot @eljuno


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