Is it safe to activate widewine?

I wanna watch netflix but it said it needs widewine to play the media and it’s from google.
I’m not really a fan of google because I’m worried about trackers and stuff but in the settings, there’s another widewine-extension that doesn’t say anything about being from google, is that one safe to activate?

I’m pretty sure it’s the same.

Without widevine, some sites won’t operate correctly (video/music streaming sites). I use it here myself.

@PolishGuy Widevine is enabled within the browser yourself. There’s nothing to have to download. So if you’re seeing it ask you to download, you don’t need to. Just go to Brave’s Settings → Extensions → Widevine and enable it.

Widevine is a DRM, which stands for Digital Rights Management. Basically it’s changes in the browser to make sure you can’t easily download/record copyrighted materials. So like if you go to screen record, it will show up blank.

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