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Dear Brave Support Team,

I noticed that when you click on a pinned tab that emits sound (on the sound icon), it cuts the sound with no way of reactivating it.

This issue can be reproduced by following these instructions:

  1. Open a page that emits sound like a YouTube video. (the sound icon should appear)
  2. Pin the tab of the page.
  3. Go on another random tab.
  4. Click on the pinned tab.

If you happen to click on the sound icon, the sound cuts and you have no other way of getting it back.

This also creates other small bugs when you pin/unpin the tab that has this bug.

Version 1.39.111 Chromium: 102.0.5005.61 (Build officiel) (64 bits)

Kind regards,

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I tried this out and I am able to mute and reactivate the sound on a pinned tab without right clicking. I am running version 1.39.122. Can you try updating and seeing if the issue persists?

EDIT: Sorry I was not recreating the issue correctly. When I followed your instructions and went to another tab, I encountered the same issue. I was not able to reactivate the sound by right clicking the tab. I was able to reactivate the sound after unpinning the tab.

EDIT 2: I was also able to recreate the issue when pinning one tab while in another tab. The sound icon can’t be clicked on. If you try, it just switches to that tab

I did try! Normally, when you right click you should be able to reactivate the sound but the bug makes it so it doesn’t even register as being muted.
It only gives you the option to mute it again.
And no, muting + unmuting doesn’t work either.

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I think the Brave GitHub issue report referenced and linked in the below post probably applies. You should read the topic comments for more information and possible workarounds as well as the Brave GitHub issue report for same.

Ack, went ahead and reposted the Brave GitHub issue report below for convenience.

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