Pinned tab mutes on click and can't be unmuted


I’ve been using Brave for about a year now and I’ve been having this bug today with pinned tabs muting sound on click. I can’t find any way to unmute them. A right click only allows me to mute them once more. After some testing, I would call this an inconsistency in the mute/unmute function when using a pinned tab. Since the button to access the tab is so small, it’s easy to mute the tab instead of opening it. I’ve been having a problem where the tab gets muted but it becomes impossible to unmute.

Steps to reproduce :

  1. Open a new tab.
  2. Navigate to a website and play sound on it.
  3. Pin the tab.
  4. Open a new tab.
  5. Switch between the pinned tab playing sound and the other tab. Go as far as click-dragging the pinned tab. Also while in the second tab, click the speaker icon on the first tab to mute it, before opening it and realizing you can’t unmute it anymore.

Expected result: Well I would simply rather not have a click-to-mute tab when it is pinned. I really just want to see the tab and not mute it. Sounds like a decent feature for a fully shown tab but for a pinned one the button becomes so small you need to be really accurate with the mouse to access to tab and not mute it.

Brave Version( check About Brave): Version 1.37.109 Chromium: 100.0.4896.60 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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I’m facing the same issue. The only way to resolve that at the moment is to unpin the tab, unmute, and then pin it again.

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Same issue here - incredibly frustrating. I listen to music like this all day at work, so if this isn’t fixed soon I’m going to have to change my browser.

Yes it’s really annoying. I always have to pause the video then I must wait until the mute symbol is gone. Then I play the video then it’s clickable again.

I hope it gets fixed soon.

I confirm this problem in MacOS too. Very annoyng. Glad to see I can unmute by unpin. I was closing and re opening brave.

This is very annoying, please fix this.
Actualy to Unmute such tab I have to pause video, switch to other tab and return, unpause video, hover mouse over “Mute” icon, wait a secon for the tooltip window be shown and then click to unmute.

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@Mattches may want to take a look. Might need a GitHub issue report?

Thank you all for reporting. I’ve opened the following issue for this:

Thank you.
I am so used to tabs being pinned automatically that I haven’t unpinned one in over a year.

Hi do we have any news about the issue of the tabs so as to mute individually hovering over?

It was such useful, i can not find out why it suddenly change !

Any news?

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