I dont know why but on brave sound is not coming

i dont know why but on brave sound is not coming and i used chrome and others things there sound is good but on brave only sound of the videos or audio not coming

@ABHI-J Sorry, there is not enough detail to help troubleshoot your problem. Without any other information, the only thing I can suggest is to check if Sites can play sound is enabled at brave://settings/content/sound.

Linking a previous topic that has multiple things you can try to troubleshoot your issue, including the one listed above.

Please post an update after you have worked through troubleshooting using the topic above as a guideline. Please post what you did try and the results in your update. Also, if you are still having problems, please provide the information below so a community member and/or support staff can help you with your issue.

  1. Brave and OS version displayed at brave://version
  2. Link(s) to the site(s) where you are having issues
  3. Provide details of any related settings you may have changed at brave://flags
  4. Provide any other details that may provide additional information, for example, has audio worked in the past when using Brave
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@ABHI-J happy to help but as @Chocoholic stated we’ll need more information before we can assist. Please reply with as much information as possible (starting with what @Chocoholic asked for) so we can best troubleshoot this.

Thank you

I too am having the same issue. I have done every troubleshoot there is and everything is fine. So I tried using Microsft Edge browser and sound was working fine. Tried looking for a previous version to downgrade but have had no luck at all. This is really frustrating. Edge sucks so much , Nothing beats Brave Browser but I am highly unsatisfied right now . Another friend of mine is having the same issue

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