Something new, Brave Early Access - a call for volunteers!


Thank you so much for the response!
It’s overwhelming to see how many folks want to help out. I’m quite humbled.

I’ve closed the pool for now. I’d like to make sure I am able to take good care of the volunteers and this is about the most I can honestly manage.

If you didn’t make it into the pool and would like to help out Brave, we would certainly appreciate any collaboration here on the community by helping other users as well as opening issues and landing PRs on Github.

We deeply appreciate any contributions of your time & energy. Thanks for helping us to change the web!

:heart::lion: - Alex


We would like to invite you to join Brave Early Access, a way to see new features and provide feedback before they go out to the broader audience.

This is a chance for you to have an impact on our products and to contribute to a better experience for the Brave community. Your feedback will be vital to our success.

There is an expectation that what you see should be kept within this group and not shared via social media or other channels, as certain features may change based on this group’s feedback. Please keep that in mind.

If you’d like to join this group, please reply back on this thread, thanks for your help!

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Would like to join Brave Early Access as a volunteer
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Hi @alex, I would like to help on this. Please count me in. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Hi @alex count me too… Thank you!


I would like to as well. @alex


Affirmative. Thanks!


Hi @alex , if possible I’m in.


Hi, I would love to join :slight_smile:


I would love to participate in this! @alex

I’ve also suggested features I’d love to see like grouping sites for payment instead of pinning and parental controls for the amount contributed each month (would hate for a child to increase it to 50 BAT) and eat through an allowance of BAT the parents had set up…


Hi @alex I would like to jump in as well.


Alex, I’d like to participate.


Count me in. I’m professional web tester and performance engineer.


Count me in. I’d like to try the early versions.


Hi @alex I’d like to participate too, so as long as the README file is updated. I mention it primarily for Suse but also Mint; I think an update for instructions as well as a couple of other issues related to Suse need attention, one of which will be fixed with the release of 0.23.xx (#13174) but the others are in Triage or have No milestone. (#5580) (#5614) (#8156) (#13323) Duplicate (#12609)

Could I perhaps encourage you to move these issues up before you begin the Early Access, this way you can get a better analysis of the functionality across the platform for all users without any prior issues.



@alex I would like to join also.


@alex I am on board !


Yeah! I am in. Would like to understand better how to control my experience browsing the web.


me too. I would love to help


Hi @alex I would like to take part in early access so I can give feedback, Thanks!


I would love to thanks