How to contribute to help to Brave



I’m Pedro José Berlanga Hurtado, I’m studying ‘Computer Engineering’ in Córdoba, Spain, and I have a subject called ‘Free Software and Social Compromise’, we have to make a contribution to some community of some free software. I’ve decided to contribute by helping Brave with one of the next options:

1- Making a blog or a website where explain what does Brave consists of, how to install it, how configure it, explaining each option of the preferences tab, explaining what Brave’s payment is consists of and how you can use your earnings, but all of this in Spanish. (This is also a way to give diffusion to Brave).


2- Translating to Spanish the Brave website.

Please could some staff tell me which of these options would be more helpful for the community?

Thak you,

Pedro José


cc: @alex/@brian for comment


Translating all of might be a bit overwhelming :slight_smile:

Between the two options, 1 is probably the most sensible.

If you are open to an alternative, we are currently in the process of building better onboarding materials for community developers, QA, and designers. I would certainly welcome collaboration there as well.


@PedroJ1 I’m not staff or code contributer but I post on the community pages and github issues when I have something to add. I’d be happy to take part in your blog/website if you go ahead with it and need contributers.


Okay, I do not know if I will go ahead with the blog, I just asked Alex how I can contribute in a more useful way, but if I finally decide to do the blog I will let you know :wink:



Sorry I forgot put @alex and @CliqueBait before :wink:


A project you could reasonably complete in 24 hours or less would be to use a screen recording tool like and show people how to get started with development or QA.

If you are interested in QA onboarding, @Joemartz86 and @Jacalz are both working through their first test runs and can likely share a good bit of insight.

If the project needs to be at a minimum 24 hours, you could dive deeper and walk through something more technical like how our automated tests work or how to build an app using Muon.

@clifton would likely know of a few small projects which could use a hand as well.

Hope that helps!


Hey guys,

Here is a link of my very first manual test run: I am going to be posting the remainder of the videos of the rest of that test run on YouTube. Mainly, I am trying to push out some material on how to contribute to Brave, and it will be very beginner friendly. I should also have another video on github issues coming this weekend. Send me a message if you have any questions, comments, or recommendations. Thanks!


To check that the version number is exactly as expected to need to check github commits to see what muon version they pushed latest and what chromium version that is with that muon version. muon 2.57.7 is´chromium 57. Here is a page with muon releases: @Joemartz86 And you can also check that it has the same build number as the one you downloaded :wink:


Great! Thanks for the help!


Thank you all for answer so quickly. @alex @Joemartz86 and @Jacalz, finally I think I will do the video showing to people how to get started with development :wink: just I’m waiting the answer from my teacher.

Thanks again for everything :wink: I’ll tell you what I’ll finally do when I have the response of my teacher.


Your CV is public here (everyone can see it). Is it OK for you?


@suguru no, sorry I don’t know what I was thinking, I should have sent it only to Alex. I’ve just to deleted it, thank you so much for the warning. :wink:


@PedroJ1 here is a link to that continuation of that manual test run. I will eventually get a more cohesive run through done later at some point that wont be so broken up. Keep an eye on the channel I will be posting the rest of the videos there. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try my best to help.


@Joemartz86 Ok Joe, but I can’t access the video. My user in YouTube is “Pedro José Aventurero”.



Hey @PedroJ1 ,

Hmm that’s odd that you cannot access it. I have those videos set to public. I will try to figure whats happening with this and get back to you. I will work on this and thanks for the update.


The video seems to private for me too :wink: @Joemartz86


@Joemartz86 Is your video still up?


@PedroJ1 @Jacalz @CliqueBait Okay I took a look at it this morning and the videos are up. Looks like a couple of them were set to private, but they are now public. I am going to be posting more after this week after I wrap up a pretty intense week of school. The subjects will cover the last part of the manual tests I ran (But OBS did not capture), and github issues. Thanks again for the communication and feedback! Here is the link for channel with all the videos so far:


@Joemartz86 great :wink: Thank you