BAT Payment parental controls?


I have been using Brave for a few months now and love it! The payment system improved so much a bit ago when more granularity was added to the monthly payment. This would be great for parents to set up for their children but if the child found his way to the payment options it could be accidentally changed.

If their was simply a password system (or maybe something with the Brave Sync feature) that allowed for it to be locked and unlocked that would be enough. Adding this feature would be a great point to use when moving to mass adoption considering everyone has children sometime, any they may consume more content than any other age group.

Suggestion: Parental Controls
Something new, Brave Early Access - a call for volunteers!

Hi @Chugwig, thanks for the feedback. cc @alex for this.


Thanks for the info! I sent a message over to him and hopefully he’ll come by and we can hear what he has to say.


Just wanted to come back and @alex again here to get some opinions on Parental Controls.


Figured I’d alert @Jenn , @eljuno , and anyone else while you’re taking suggestions. I think password locking the monthly donation amount and maybe disabling tipping when parental controls are on.

So much potential for Brave and BAT, I think we should focus on the parents who will want to be able to prevent overdonating by their children.