Can BAT Metrics properly pay animators on Youtube?


In this video, Mastar discusses how Youtube doesn’t properly pay animators due to Youtube’s focus on time spent watching. I’m afraid BAT’s model may fall into this issue as well and wanted some opinions. Just last week I saw that my monthly allowance wasn’t spread exactly towards where I wanted it and I had to lock in certain content creators. Maybe tabs for payment so the monthly allowance is split between the tabs as you define and then by time within each tab. That way you could target content producers but still have the system be fair.

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A Change to how Contributions are distributed
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Hi @Chugwig

Could you explain this comment a bit more, please?

Wondering if you mean you pinned content creators after seeing your contribution statement?




Yes you got it exactly! I currently have 10 or so creators pinned at certain percentages that leave around 5-6% for the remaining other sites. It seems a bit unfair to those remaining, and a bit of a hassle for users to set up.

Especially considering that if I want to add a new creator to my list of pins I need to recalculate everything. If instead we could pin tabs (or groups) of content creators to certain percentages I feel it’d be easier. That way adding a new creator would be as easy as adding them to the tab.

Then within that tab the percentage I’ve assigned could be split further by time spend on each site within the tab.



Thanks @Chugwig - we do have an issue logged for what I think you saw originally:

I’m guessing you saw unexpected sites on your contribution statement. This is logged here:

It sounds like you’re suggesting a classification or grouping system for content creators which is interesting. I haven’t heard of that before. I’d like to loop in @alex on this for his thoughts since I know he’s been looking at Payments from a design and user research perspective.


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Oh no I haven’t checked my table against my statement I’ll have to look into that. I was just pointing out the need for the grouping.

Thanks for a quick reply and for “@“ing Alex! I’d love to see improvements to the payment system as it’s one of Braves most promising features!



Sounds good, thanks @Chugwig - do know that you won’t see exactly the same on your table and contribution statement due to the use of statistical voting so some variation is normal. However, wildly different isn’t expected and that’s what we’re looking into :slight_smile:


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Just wanted to come back and @alex again here to get some opinions on Grouping Content Creators on Brave Payments. This is probably my most “all over the place” post and so I also want to summarize it up a bit.

In the linked video, Mastar discusses the problem of algorithms taking time watched into account as a major metric. It leaves those in professions that take long amounts of time to create small amounts of content at a disadvantage. While I love watching this type of content, I also watch content that is much easier to put out and drowns out animations and such from my monthly payments.

What I would like is either a built in separation (music, short-form [animation, cartoons, parodies], videos, movies, etc…) or user defined groupings of content creators. These groups (whether built in or user specified) could then be pinned with different percentages, and that percentage split evenly among grouped publishers based on time watched.

I feel this would be an improvement over manually pinning and deciding on percentages for each of the content creators I’d like to support.


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