Quality of Verified Publishers

As some of you know, I am building a search engine for Brave (check it out at https://bravedb.com) I am using the same API pull as BatGrowth.

However, my crawler is discovering a lot of low quailty/broken sites that really do not meet publisher guidelines.

Once the basic search site is up, I am going to incentivize user reviews of sites (Like, Love, Meh, Dislike, Angry) and also flags for (Broken, Unsafe, Breaks TOS).

For incentives users will earn credits that will be usable at BravePop to buy ad services and win BAT.

What ideas do you have for making these maintenance tasks fun/worth it? I have a request in to mexicantarget (creator of faucethub.io) to add BAT so I xan monetize user actions. If I could pay micropayments to contributors and the site earns BAT to fund the faucet, what a community project it could be!


There other things too… All publishers need SSL (https://). I found https://neoeclipseworld.net with invalid https cert AND shields did not autoHTTPS.

I also found https://auto-faucet.site but they have code to block browsers using adBlock via Brave so you cannot use the site with Brave unless you shields off.

@alex If you all ever need reports on the site metrics I discover let me know. Basic things about quality os site and publisher terms checks. Still building it.

@Mattches and @Asad are more active on the community. I know we would love to have Alex more also but this is the best chance of getting your message across.

Thank you :slight_smile: Good to know

Hi @joshy - this is awesome!

Send an email direct to [email protected] and tell em I sent ya – they can give you the answers you need :slight_smile: You can PM me here if you don’t hear back.

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