Brave Developer Help


Looking for an experienced developer to help with a development project based on the Brave Browser. Should have experience with the open-source code to make cosmetic modification for a proof of concept. The POC is on Windows only to start,

Please reply here.

Also please advise if there is a good place to find developers with Chromium or Brave coding experience.




I am a web dev and I am starting a Brave project too. Maybe we can collaborate?


thank Joshy. Would be happy to. i will be hiring people with experience and have learned a few things.


Awesome. I am working on a Search Engine for Brave combined with a social network and creator’s hub. After that I am going to look into BAT micropayments for faucets. I think it is brilliant. A self serve ad faucet hub :+1:


that sounds great !!!

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Joshy, so far I have not found any developer support on this community. I got some help on Github for the brave browser code, but limited. I’ll let you know if there a better way, Please let me know if you find something as well.


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It’s so awesome to see y’all getting in contact with each other here!

If you’re looking to make direct enhancements to the browser, I’d be glad to help make sure your orientation to the codebase and issue flow goes smoothly!

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I reached out to David to see generally what I could help with. Thanks for the offer on Browser enhancements. I do not think I have any enhancement ideas but I do have a Chrome Extension idea :bulb:

I posted my thoughts and some info on reddit here: