Would like to join Brave Early Access as a volunteer

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I would love to be a part of this .


good morning from California, my name is Alex as well cool name may i add,
by any chance i’m i still able to join the community volunteers list, wanted to be part of something bigger than google i thank you. and thanks for the amazing brave browser love it.

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i’m 64 probally lots older than most people on here but if an opening presents itself please condsider having an old dog on the volunteer list.
Thanks in advance
david johnson

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Hi team is this still open to join as the main chain was closed? If it’s still open please kindly add me thank you

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I would also like to join the Brave Early Access volunteer list, please add me if possible.



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Put me in coach! Thanks!

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I am a retired computer engineer. I have time.

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I would love to be part of this can you add me please

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When you need more volunteers :+1:I’m your guy.:grin:

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Good eve sir i want to join on Brave Early Access im from philippines i just want to help brave to test the new features of brave please count me on the list of tester.

Thank you sir.

good evening sir i just want to help brave to test the new wacth ad feature of the brave please count me on the list of tester sir thank you.


I just found about about Brave and so far I am loving the ecosystem offered by it. I am from Indonesia and would like to volunteer on Early Access.

Thank you

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