Some minutes ago I have already received my BAT, but only around 60% of the total amount I earned this month

what is the reason? where are the other 40% of BAT I earned this month and I had in my publishers account?

thanks for your support.

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this is from publishers?

Had you have problems with payments last month?

same happen to me some days ago

yes: I had in my publishers account my BAT earned in january.

but in my uphold account I have received only around 60% of those BAT I had in my publishers account.

No: I haven’t had any problems with payments before until now.

Well it´s strange. I have a similar issue, but in my case i´d had problems with payments in january and they had paid me those BATs (i suppose haha), february payment for me it´s still pending XD. In any case you are making me doubt xd.

Also i see threads coming up with similar issues. As far as i seen, this payment corresponds to january (pending BAT that was stuck), in main terms from referal program.

@steeven sorry to bother you. I know you have tons of work right now… but… can you help us out with this situation?

Payments are beginning to process, this can happen in staggered amounts until it’s complete.


thank you steeven for the aclaration.

many thanks Steeven for your answer.

@ambrocioisaias2808 @Paula3
Exactly I do get bat in multiple payments since the beginning.

This happens with brave rewards as well I guess. :thinking::thinking:

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yes the same problem happened to me last month and didn’t receive the left over bat and this time also i received just 50% of my batts

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Same here. Seems that only about half of coins are being transferred to uphold. So it’s not the case of payment split in batches. Could someone take a look please?

@ambrocioisaias280 @steeven is the publishers payout process completed yet?

We were getting only half of the bat we had in our publisher accounts.

Me too…i have 24 xrp but i received only 14xrp

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