Issue transfering Bat from Brave Rewards Creator

Hello Its only few months I’m using Brave and I have a Brave Reward Creator account. I have something like 125 BAT in my account but I didn’t received any payment to my uphold account. When I login it says that the payout is generating… but it’s like that over a month. Am I. Doing something wrong or it’s a real issue?

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Publisher payment hasn’t started yet. January 2021 Publishers Payout Thread for status…

When will it start…? ,

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Those are BAT I’ve earned inviting friends. Is it the same? And when will it start?

This month payment is completed, @Adisagio

Wow, so there is a problem with my payment

It means there is an issue with my payment, is there anybody that can help me?

Is there anyone that can help me?

Payment completed, not for me. I didn’t get paid this month too. My BAT are still showing in my account .seems no one is going to help me with this issue

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Is there anybody ? Any help?

Interesting, what’s the point earning Bat if I don’t get paid and there is no support to solve problems?!

I have also experienced same this month

Did you sort it out? So far seems no one cares to help me

Still no reply. This is a joke

i didnt get paid this month too. is there anybody , any email address to contact support? im 3 months waiting and my BAT are still stuck in my account

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