Regarding Brave Publisher Payment

Hi @steeven @Mattches I want to say that I have more than 380 bats in my publisher account but I had only received 19 BAT so kindly check it.
My creator’s account is

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yes @steeven even I have the same issue

Hi @steeven , I just received a partial payment from brave, only, when I have much more than that, this same issue happened last month, please could you check my account, the associated email is


Me too. Half payment only same like last month. Kindly solve these issues please.

Same here! I have 264 bats on publisher and only got paid 157!!

you have at least received payment of half-bat but I have only received 5% of the total bat. let us see what @steeven can do because he is quite helpful

I had only got 2% of my total bat available for payout

@steeven help me check dm

@steeven didnt receve creator rewards since january .

@steeven I also have a similar situation. I only receive a tenth of the BAT in my account. Please check

Yo no recibí mis recompensa de el programa de referido @steeven paguen por favor ya es 10 de marzo y están muy atrasados

Hi, I have the same problem with the Rewards program, I have something like 5 bats I didn’t receive my payment like in 3 months

I had 38 bats on my publisher account but only received 19!!!

@steeven please check our issue!

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@Rudra How you get that so much BAT token in your publisher account?

Hi all - please send the mentioned info in the post in a DM if you did not receive your contributions payout (email linked to account.) March 2021 Publishers Payout. Do not post your email in a public post.