BAT in publisher account missing

So i had about 322 BAT in my publisher account and it has just vanished could i please get some help ASAP regarding this

did they get transferred to uphold account ?

Nope they did not. They were there till this morning

pls wait for some time. as they may take some time reflecting on your uphold account.

Nothing to do with payouts or Uphold. (I find that thetokenmaster’s English comprehension is not great.) Publisher accounts being raided and drained. No explanation at all from Brave, no one will even reply to several of these threads stating the same issue.

just checked it’s back again

yeah probably a glitch or something at server side. if you got BAT you will Not lose it automatically. i.e. just vanishing…
i too have a publisher account. i have checked and matched my statements that too in excel format. the final difference i got which is not credit in Panel is, 0.00 i.e. Nothing. Every amount of BAT i am earning, is matching bit by bit.

Untill i get payout Next month, i would say everything is working as expected.

It is just vanishing. That’s why we’re posting here.

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