Some data points you might be interested in regarding failed install of Brave on Win 7

  1. On a fresh Windows 7 install,

using most recent ,Firefox- Firefox says it can’t connect to because it doesn’t exist. (they can’t find the domain)

IE 8 says can’t be found.

Avant Browser says the same thing.

Opera let me go to

Trying to install Brave results in the following:

Many Brave processes 12 or more, spawned. Each taking between 0 and 30% of the CPU time.
Multiple BraveInstall processes doing the same thing
Failure to launch Brave- my computer becomes non-responsive and I have to CTRL ALT DEL and start killing off all the Brave processes.
Back rectangles, at least one appearing to be an attempt by Brave to draw to the screen. Another larger transparent space (I can see the outline of a box) which appears to be the browser.
Everything freezes.

System Win 7 with .net Framework update .

AMD 8350 CPU 32 g RAM
It should work, other things work, but Brave behaves as described.

Also, only Opera will permit me to go to


Thank you for reaching out.
Sounds like a HWA issue to me – can you please try the following solution and see if it resolves the issue?

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