Brave won't install

Win 7 64-bit
I downloaded the installer, ran it, window says installation complete. I click on close, but Brave does not open when installation is finished as instructions say it will, and in fact, I can’t find Brave anywhere on my computer. Deleted installer, redownloaded it and tried again. Still no go. Why won’t Brave install on my computer?

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Does Brave not show up when you search for programs and files?

That would be a big ‘duh’, Aaron. What sort of person who would make such a complaint without having actually searched for the program? Says it’s installed, but doesn’t open like your download and install instructions say it will. Of course I searched programs and files very first thing. Then I deleted the installer and tried it again, to no avail, then I rebooted my computer and tried it again. Finally I wrote in hoping someone could tell me what might be conflicting with your installer; not so someone could write back with how I might have overlooked the very most basic thing even a total moron would think of.

I also have tried to download … Only get the “Save” option … tried several times … no go … finally went to actual page listed on the little window and got this info … What does it mean?? …

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.


Access Denied



What build channel are you installing?

Have you tried searching with command prompt? Run dir *brave*.* /s /p from your root directory.

What URL are you downloading Brave from?

I was on FireFox … finally got the installation bar … installation was complete … used the lion icon to call up the browser … only got a black screen

I’m downloading from . Still using Windows 7, so as a security measure I never download from 3rd party download repositories. The page auto-detects the download version for me. Also, I’m using Firefox latest version.

I never even got the lion icon, not as a desktop shortcut, not in my start menu, not detected in programs and files search.

okay. I ran dir brave.* /s /p , got this:

Went to each of the indicated directories/folers/files - still can’t find the actual browser, though apparently something was installed on my computer?!?

I also am using Professional 7 … The program does show up in my list of computer programs … I will continue to try to work on this … I think something is blocking the program … this current lap top does not have the AVG security that my other laptop has but that one is in the shop for a fan replacement

My laptop has Professional 7, and Brave installed fine on that and is working. I have VPN and Malwarebytes running during the download and installation. My desktop has Win 7 Home premium with same vpn and malwarebytes - all the same browser extensions like adblocker and tracker blocking - but brave does load on the laptop, but not the desktop. I just want some hints as to what might be blockg the installation.

Can you try following the link and downloading BraveBrowserStandaloneSilentSetup32.exe

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