Problem with windows 7

brave browser will not start in windows 7 , when i chenge the compatiibilty mode to windows vista and it will work , but it will automatically change it back to windows 7 but can browse using it , but if restart again , we need to change it again to windows vista!!!

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What happens when you start Brave? Did you see any error message?

I am having a similar problem with windows 7. Was working great then needed to scan with printer. Had a bit of a problem installing scanning software. When I came back to Brave it wouldn’t load completely. (White Screen) Can Right click around and get some commands boxes but nothing happens. No error messages Did several reloads and restarts. Corrected drivers problem with printer. (Brothers HL-L2395DW) No error messages. Was getting to really like Brave. No adds is a real bonus especially for youtube. Can’t uninstall Brave even in Control Panel. Hope someone can help. Thanks

Up date. Opened Brave again and lower left corner briefly it read waiting for for some reason got into the software it seems. Hope that helps. May be I can delete the web page reference somewhere. Don’t know where it’s at.

Up date. Opened Brave again. When I like use the mouse interface the screen went black. The mouse works and sometimes highlights where the pointer is at. Was able to open a previous youtube video and did get audio. Also was able to open Noah weather and was able to scan across the screen which highlighted various parts of the (invisible black screen) united states. So it seems to work with a black screen now. So how do I get the visual part of brave to come up?

Hi I have had the same issue with the brave installer on Windows Vista, I followed eljuno’s instructions to un install & reinstall responding to another poster with similar issue Feb 2018, I think it was.

I do intend to buy a new pc in 2020, (this pc just wont die!) but if I can I would like to start trying out Brave in the mean time. I tried both BraveBrowserSetup.exe and BraveBrowserSetup32.exe - both did not work. I did try both a few times & @ one point the installer did not even start. Got the message: “The installer encountered error 0xc0000139” several times.


Sadly Brave require Windows 7 and higher.

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